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I know about the issue with the forums, I discovered it last night. I don’t know how to fix it and I will not have time to research it until Thursday. :angry: Please be patient, I will either get this forum back up or actually get a new one that works and will not keeping failing on me. *kicks forum*

Since it’s a new month, I have a new spotlight site. The spotlight site for May is MissPortman.Com, a great fan site for Natalie Portman! I also have a new top affiliate, Keanu Connection. Check out these sites because they are run well and updated often with lots of goodies.

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I decided to move all the fan art into the gallery, including the wallpapers and icons. I think it will be easier for me to update and easier for you guys to see also. Amelie still had some old e-mail in her account about this website and forwarded them to me. Included in them were 6 new wallpapers made by fans! Thank you for submitting your artwork. If you have anything you would like to show on this site (fan art, blends, icons, wallpapers, etc) please feel free to contact Jen and I will be sure to put it up on the site! :smile:

Check out all the icons, wallpapers and fanart in the fanart section of the gallery.

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The amazing website, Glamour Reese Witherspoon has some new information about the release of Penelope! It is rumored to premiere at the New York Film Festival on November 24, 2006. International releases in France, Germany, Spain and Portugal will follow in 2007. I will be sure to post any more information if/when I can find it.

Site wise, I have added over 1,200 captures from the film Cursed and the features on the DVD. You can check them out here or click on the thumbnails below to be taken to each album.

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I have added some new sessions (must be logged in / registered to view) and new fan art made by the talented Miki. I also added some new site affiliates as well. I still have a lot I want to add content-wise and tomorrow (my only day off for a whole week) I have jury duty, so who knows how long that will be, I don’t think I’ll be able to add much. :sad: I’ll try my best though and I’ll also be updating the gallery here and there with random stuff. Just keep checking back with me. :smile:

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The new gallery here at Confessions is now open! It is located at The gallery is pretty much a copy of the old one, the only things that are missing are movie captures and scans. I will be working on re-adding those 2 things as much as possible. There is over 4,000 images right now but there are some sections that are members only. If you would like to join, please do, it’s free! All I ask is that you activate your account within 7 days that you sign up (you’ll recieve an e-mail with an activation link) and that you log in at the gallery at least 1 time every 30 days. Any accounts that don’t do that will be deleted, it’s a measure to save the database and also to weed out accounts that have no activity. Please leave your comments/thoughts on the new gallery or the gallery layout and enjoy browsing around! :smile:

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